Website Hosting and Security

Indomedia provides complete hosting services with aggressive security and backups.  All websites receive an SSL certificate, daily website backups, malware protection, and a firewall. In addition to protection, all websites are optimized at the server level for improved speed and SEO results.  All sites include CPanel and FTP access and are optimized by Cloudflare and anti-virus software.

We advise you host your email separately for a variety of reasons. If the site ever experiences an outage, email will not be affected, and it’s impossible to match the services provided by email vendors. We recommend Google Mail, Outlook, or Zoho Mail.

  • SSL Certificates – This service provides the “lock” that you see in your browser left of your web address.  Site’s without one will prompt users that the site is not safe so this is an essential. 
  • Website Backups – Your website will be backed up daily.  In case there are any reasons to roll back the website we can access the previous days version. 
  • Malware Protection – Websites are attacked frequently.  Software will protect the site from malware and remove if needed.  We also block bots and hacking attempts with a variety of security software.  
  • CPanel – Each account provides full CPanel for server level access to your website. 
  • Cloudflare – We utilize Cloudflare for all hosting accounts providing many premium technologies for security, caching and speed improvements, DNS management, etc…  
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