Internet Marketing & SEO Services

We offer several comprehensive internt marketing services depending on your projects needs.  Our SEO Autopilot is a continuous service set on a monthly budget.  We are also now offering several one-time services that might fit better into your project.

Our AutoPilot plan provides continual SEO services.  Stop worrying about SEO and set it on AutoPilot.  Each month, a specific search engine optimization related service is performed.  One month could be optimizing keywords and content on the website, the next month might be submission to niche directories, and then the next month we work on writing and crafting keyword focused content.  While the SEO campaigns continue, we can manage and send your email newsletters, add and upgrade the website, recommend software solutions and integrations, manage ecommerce, write press releases, etc…If we cant you help you on something in-house we can help you find the right company to help you.

Autopilot Internet Marketing Plans

Our starter plans are geared towards folks who are just looking for optimization work.  We will watch and improve your SEO efforts and provide you with a monthly update on your rankings and our efforts.  Send us your top keywords, competitors, and access to the website and your analytics and we can get to work. This plan could fit a a startup with a limited budget, or someone at the top that needs to keep their edge and enhance it.  If its in your budget, we would recommend the Standard Plan for 2 months to dramatically boost our efforts at the beginning.

Our standard SEO plans are a true full service plan and allows us to offer you more than SEO.  This is a hands on plan with more support, more services, and more management.  Recommended for any small business that wants to outsource a handful of duties to manage your website and marketing.  We can include SEO hosting, fulfill design updates, install and setup new software, etcContact us to talk about moving or developing a site or any other services you need that can be included in your plan.  Setup fees may be required.

  • Support is primarily provided via email.  Higher level plans will provide more frequent and personalized support.
  • Some services we perform are specific to WordPress and will require a WordPress website.  Substitutions will be made for clients not running WordPress.

Our marketing plans are a monthly recurring plan, cancel at anytime.  Upgrade or downgrade at anytime.  We recommend at minimum of 6 months of service, no maximum.  Stay for awhile.  Grow.

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