Is it time to sell & manage your products and services online? Or improve what you have? Work local with an experienced website services provider.

Your customers may expect services and sales with limited social contact, to be able to schedule appointments and keep in touch with their vendors via text messages and email. You can’t rely on your land line phone anymore, it’s as worthless as pagers and fax machines. Based in the Roaring Fork Valley, we provide Glenwood Springs website design and serve Aspen to Vail, Indomedia is a group of seasoned professionals that will work with you to upgrade your outdated customer relations. Contact us for how we can help.

Glenwood Springs Web Design and Custom Solutions

Website Design & Development

Your website's design is often more important than your storefront. The graphics need to be crisp, the navigation needs to intuitive as this will build trust as a reputable vendor. Items such as slideshows, image galleries, customer reviews, easy contact with quick response time, and sleek data representation will assist in building trust with your customers. Redesign or new, Indomedia can help you with Glenwood Springs Website Development.

Online Invoicing and Convenient Payment Options

Sell Your Products and Services Online. Woocommerce and Shopify are the leading management and inventory systems for ecommerce. Both platforms connect to the other major retail giants like Amazon, Ebay, and many other online oWoocommerce and Shopify are the leading ecommerce platforms. Each of these systems allows you to share and sell inventory on other retail sites such as Amazon and Ebay through a central software hub. While your customers are shopping, the ability to add products and continue shopping is just as essential as an easy to use checkout system. A sloppy shopping and checkout experience will put a big dent in potential revenue.

Secure Hosting

All sites are secured with SSL certificates, protected by Cloudflare, and monitored with anti-virus software. All hosting accounts are included with Cpanel. We advise you host your email separately for a variety of reasons. If the site ever experiences an outage, email will not be affected. We recommend Google Mail or Zoho Mail.

Custom Software Solutions

Often a client will need to collect data from the website and integrate it into a 3rd party system requiring us to build an interface to your software's API if one doesn't already exist. Many popular apps already have API's such as Salesforce and Shopify. Creating custom smart forms is also a frequent request to collect pertinent data to sync for your CRM.

Mobile Compatibility

All websites in today's environment need to be built with mobile in mind, as most of your traffic may come from phones and tablets. Most customers pay their invoices directly from their cell phone.

Search Engine and Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Competitve ranking in search engines for your primary keywords is still one of the most effective techniques to drive sales as it builds trust with the client. The basics include keyword research and optimizing your pages and posts, locating related industry links, and monitoring your competitors to focus on the important phrases. Keyword rank positions are tracked weekly.

Email Marketing & SMS

SMS and email are the preferred contact option for most all of your customers. All new customers will provide you with this info and hope that you use it instead of calling them.

Social Media

Managing your social media accounts is a must. You can be as creative as you want with social media. For the basics, always highlight new products and positive company news. Your messages should be broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among a few others. There are tools that allow you to manage all of these accounts through an interface that publishes to all of them. Once we have sent several and have a baseline of reports we can narrow down the time and day(s) that sees more engagement.

PPC (Pay per Click) and Paid Advertising

Managing paid resources is all about tracking the results from each campaign and moving funds to the ones that are bringing in the most engagement. Please allocate a bare minimum of $2,500/month to enter into this market. This is for gaining new business, not maintaining existing clients.

Reputation Management

There are no shortage of trolls that find pleasure in trying to hurt your business. We recommend responding to all positive messages and offer thanks as this will make it much easier to shut down the trolling. Their are a variety of sites that will require interaction such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and niche specific review sites.

Analytics and Tracking

The key to improving your online efforts is the ability to track engagement and sales from each campaign. Google Analytics is the industry standard and can track referral source to point of sale or highlight where users abandon the site.

Design and Creative Services

Graphic Design & Logo Creation

If you have a logo, great. If it's dated or you need to start from scratch we can help with that.

Business Cards and Promotional Materials

You should have some quality business cards, they reflect your services. Any other promotional materials or ads should also be professional and not look like your nephew went wild on poor representing ads.

Mobile App Development

If your website is interactive or selling items you may want to consider providing your customers with a focused mobile app.